* Adam Myhill, Creative Director at Unity, Head of Cinemachine

Adam Myhill has spent almost two decades in video game and film worlds, working as a Director of Photography and CG supervisor at Electronic Arts and Blackbird Interactive. Using his experience on multiple titles and as a feature film DP on several movies, Myhill created a ground-breaking procedural cinematic and in-game camera system called Cinemachine, which is now an integral part of Unity’s offering where he now works to empower creators. He also holds a number of technology patents around virtual cameras and procedural cinematography.

* Stephen Jolly, Senior R&D Engineer, BBC R&D

Stephen Jolly is a Senior R&D Engineer at BBC R&D. He has been employed by the BBC as a research engineer since 2004, and has worked on a very wide range of projects in areas such as digital radio, 3D television, television remote control APIs, television companion applications and the Internet of Things. He currently co-leads the AI in Production project at BBC R&D, focusing on cinematic feature extraction in video materials, and automated editing.

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